The Lush Ventures

Photography by
Lucia Maree

Sunrise at the top of the world somewhere

Ahad and Aries at the top of Mt. Sanitas Boulder, CO [September2011]

September 2011

I am an awe inspired being. I love to dance, write, sing, yogafy, snowboard, and take pictures. I’m wanting to learn to play guitar. Maybe I will write a song. The things, however are never ending when it comes to what I want to do and experience and learn. Traveling, though, is the most prominent thing hanging out in my mind… nagging at me like: come with me!!! Yes indeed, I will travel this HUGE and STUNNING world if it kills me. I will, I will.


It is funny because I don’t really know what half the things I write mean… but they sort of just sound right so I think I find justice in that.


I do not currently have a permanent sort of residence, which is an interesting thing for me because it forces me to sort of live fairly minimalistic. I am definitely a fan of the minimalist thing. I was living in a hotel for a couple weeks and just recently found a temporary heaven (or haven if you’d prefer, but it is indeed a heaven). I have been here for a week and a half and I feel as though I’ve known the other gypsy’s in the house for all eternity. I probably have, it seems we have past life karma. It is The 5th Street Temple, as we call it. The people in the house are filled with light, stretching in all directions… endlessly. It is part of the reason why I am falling in love with Boulder. Before The 5th Street Temple I felt a bit alienated here. I could not relate to others as well as I hoped to, and I was not so involved in things that bring me out of my shell. This house has created a turning point in my life that was much needed. An ignition of my dreams and goals and hopes all over again. Sometimes they drift away for a time and you have to wander around to find them and harness them back in.


I have to move out in less than a week though, which I am pretty bummed about. I am hoping to find the same tranquility in my next destination, which is Vail Mountain, Colorado. I am seriously stoked to live in a Ski town and to be able to snowboard all season. There is a small part of me that is concerned about the alienation from society, but it is my gut that tells me I must go within, be internal, like in the womb how I first started. I will find light. My name means light after all!


I figured it out… a long night of drinking makes me feel dirty the next day. I want to shower and shower and shower, but I can’t do that ALL day. So instead I will sit and write to try and cleanse myself of impurities… also because I feel too shitty to do anything else right now. Hangovers are no ones best friend. My efforts to not drink have not been going as planned I suppose.


  • Equanimity

A word my roommate/new friend taught me. He says it is the key to life. I think I believe him. Definition?

“The ability to be fully aware of all of ones experience, every sensation without tying new knots of craving or aversion, not creating misery for ones self.” 

I thought that in played in nicely (:


Follow the Red Rocks Road

Follow the Red Rocks Road